eAuth "Authentication"

Several services in India require residents to prove their identity. This customer identification process is known as “Authentication” (AUTH).

eMudhra eAuth service is a quick and convenient mechanism for organizations to get the customer’s identity validated electronically based on customers’ Aadhaar details.

eMudhra eAuth services provides a convenient mechanism for agencies to offer an electronic, paper-less eAuthentication experience to Aadhaar holders. Using eMudhra eAUTH Services, organizations can conduct electronic identity verification using biometrics and obtain a digitally signed (by UIDAI) electronic identity document. This makes the entire process extremely simple for customers and agencies and cost effective.

eMudhra eAuth Services Highlights

  • eMudhra is a licensed Authentication User Agency (AUA) of UIDAI.
  • Customer can apply for digital authentication by submission of their biometric.
  • eMudhra AUA can fetch customers details electronically from Aadhaar repository of UIDAI and validate his identity.
  • By this process customer’s authenticity can be electronically verified within few minutes.
  • Customers can get himself verified with the help of ASP who can be present anywhere in the county thus improving the reach.

eAuth Process

eAuth Process
  • Customer comes to any organization for eAuth service.
  • Organization initiates the Authorization process through its application using eAuth service.
  • Customer’s Aadhaar data is sent to Aadhaar repository through eKYC Service provider (eMudhra).
  • Aadhaar repository will return the Authorization result to ASP through eMudhra.