eKYC "Know Your Customer"

Several services in India require residents to prove their identity and address and provide those documents to the agency before availing a service. eMudhra’s customer identification process is known as “Know Your Customer” (KYC). Aadhaar eKYC services provides a convenient mechanism for agencies to offer an electronic, paper-less KYC experience to Aadhaar holders.

eMudhra eKYC services is a quick and convenient mechanism for organizations to get the customers’ KYC details verified electronically based on customers’ Aadhaar details.

Using this KYC API, agencies can conduct electronic identity verification using OTP/biometrics and obtain a digitally signed (by UIDAI) electronic identity document. This makes the entire process extremely simple for customers and agencies and cost effective.

eMudhra eKYC Services Highlights

  • eMudhra is a licensed KYC User Agency (KUA) of UIDAI.
  • Digital authentication of customers KYC can be done by submission of their OTP/biometric information.
  • eMudhra KUA can fetch customers KYC details electronically from Aadhaar repository of UIDAI.
  • By this process customers authenticity can be electronically verified within few seconds

eKYC Process

eKYC Process
  • Customer comes to any organization for eKYC service.
  • Organisation initiates the KYC verification process through its application using eKYC service.
  • Customer’s Aadhaar data is sent to Aadhaar repository through eKYC Service provider (eMudhra).
  • Aadhaar repository will return the KYC information to ASP thorugh eMudhra.