How to Avail eSign Services

eMudhra in its capacity as a Certifying Authority (CA) is an eSign Service Provider (ESP). You can apply to become an Application Service Provider (ASP) with eMudhra by filling the form and submitting the required documents.

Charges Applicable

On-boarding: Free**

eSign charges*

Plan 1: Transaction Based Plan 2: Aadhaar Based Plan 3: Free to ASP
Rs.5 per transaction
(Counters allocated with 1 year validity)
Rs.500 per Aadhaar per year
(at multiples of 20 quantities, with 1 year validity)
End user subscribtion
(To subscribe at
Useful for platforms where ASP organization will subsidize the cost of eSign on behalf of the user. Useful for repeated users like officers within the ASP organization or Government office internal usage. Useful for any public or private projects where users can subscribe and use it with any ASP.

* In case of eSign gateway model, additional Aadhaar charges are applicable.
** Under the FREE on-boarding, it will be complete online facilitation. Any visits or advanced process will be chargeable.

Integration Service:

  • Library (JAR/DLL) for Java / Dot net usage, with Single page, Single document signing per transaction.
  • Advanced Library (JAR/DLL) for Java / Dot net usage, with Multiple page, Multiple document (up to 10) signing per transaction.*
  • Command Line support for other language call.
  • Multi party (person) signing support.
  • eMail support for any clarifications.
  • Priority telephonic / email support.*
  • Support for code implementation with sample*

*Applicable for Premium Customers.
#ASP’s are free to refer standard CCA API and code themselves for integration. eMudhra will not be providing any coding level support for such cases.

On-boarding Procedure

Steps to avail eMudhra eSign Service

  • 1Submission of Scanned documents
  • 2Completion of integration
  • 3Audit by CERT-IN empanelled Auditor
  • 4Submission of all physical documents
  • 5Go Live and Pay Online
  1. Documents/Agreements are standard formats and no changes will be permitted.
  2. ISA Audit Report should be from a CERT-IN empanelled Auditor. If Auditor had to be appointed from eMudhra, then
    additional audit charges will be applicable.
  3. Document Signer Certificate can be procured from eMudhra (if necessary) by paying applicable charges.

Reference documents to download

For further details on the same, please write to us at We would be happy to help you and answer your queries.