Use-case Scenarios

A Government, public or private sector, where signed documents are required to be submitted to service providers, eSign online Electronic Signature Service can be effectively used. A physical paper form/document which is currently used to obtain digital signature certificate can be replaced by its electronic form and thereby facilitate electronic signature of the signer through eSign. The agencies which stand to benefit from offering eSign online electronic signature are those that accept large number of signed documents from users.

eServices for All Companies

Human Resources

  • Job Applications
  • Interview, Appointment letter
  • Acceptance, All other letters
  • Form-16, Provident Funds, Payslips


  • Purchase Order- To supplier and from customer
  • Invoices- To customer and from supplier
  • All vouchers and accounts related documents
  • Tax Filings, All other letters

Legal & Secretarial

  • Agreements
  • MOUs
  • Company law filings
  • Other letters

Any of the documents relating to the above can be signed using eSign.